Securing Your Transportation

Whether you are trying to secure the logistics for a transportation facility that sees 100 trucks a day or trying to find the right solution for monitoring your trucks while on the move, we have trusted security solutions that will fit your needs.

Securing Your Transportation

We have worked with numerous facilities that house goods ready for transportation as well as stockyards that will see the exchange of millions of dollars of assets in a single day. We have also worked with organizations looking for ways to monitor their staff safety while inside a vehicle. Below is just a sample of the applications we have worked with.

  • Delivery Logistics Organizations
  • Aircraft Security
  • Snow Plow and Maintenance Vehicle Surveillance
  • Bus and Passenger Vehicle Safety Solutions

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Mobile Monitoring Is Easy

With today’s discreet, high-resolution cameras and hardened network video recorders, it is easy to monitor what is happening on your buses, trains, or cars.

You Can Keep Track of Who Comes and Goes

If you operate a shipping facility, visitor management is an easy and convenient way to keep track of who comes and goes from your facility. The process can even be quicker than paper and pencil!

Pro-Tec Difference

We are passionate about what we do. Being 100% employee-owned isn’t the only reason we are passionate about what we do; making our world a safer place by protecting our clients with technology is also a passion. We take pride in the fact that every system we design can help improve the safety of our kids, educators, public service staff, and community businesses.

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