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Let us help you with securing your manufacturing process from end-to-end to guarantee efficient operations and timely delivery.

Security and Safety in Any Environment

Manufacturing facilities present a unique challenge in that both safety and security are necessary.  Providing a safe environment for your employees can lead to reduced injuries and improved efficiency. Securing access to your facilities can help ensure that the product you just created gets to where it was intended. The systems we have designed also have the ability to monitor production lines, mixing machines, and packing equipment in real time to guarantee accuracy.

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Monitor the Production Line at Any Speed

The camera technology available today can record high-resolution images at up to 120 frames-per-second. That means you can get accurate pictures of your packing or mixing processes no matter how fast the rate of production.

Cameras Are Meant to Get Dirty

No matter how dirty the manufacturing process can be, we have a camera designed to withstand it. Let us help find the right camera for the application!

Pro-Tec Difference

We act with integrity. Every solution we provide is well thought out and designed to meet your needs. If our system doesn’t do the job it was intended for, we’ll make it right!

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