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Our Pro-Tec Core Values

 Employee First Culture

  1. Empowered: We act based on what is right for our customers.
  2. Open-Minded: We listen, seeking first to understand. We value different opinions, backgrounds, and experiences.
  3. Humble: We let our actions speak louder than our words.
  4. Proud: We take pride in our work and have high expectations of others.

Collaborative and Engaged Teams

  1. Supportive: We presume goodwill and always have each others’ back.
  2. Appreciative: We lead with gratitude and caring for each other’s well-being. We are quick to forgive mistakes.
  3. Healthy Conflict: We debate ideas with passion. When a decision is made, we move forward together.
  4. Continuous Improvement: We relentlessly strive to do better. We coach and share feedback because we are invested in each other’s success.

My Commitment to Success

  1. Clear Expectations: I understand my goals and how they contribute to Pro-Tec’s success.
  2. Accountability: I follow through on my commitments and lead by example.
  3. Team Player: I acknowledge and rely on the expertise of those around me to produce high-quality work.
  4. Balanced: I use personal and professional balance to sustain high performance.


Pro-Tec Design, Inc. | 100% Employee Owned

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