K-12 Visitor Entry Security A Pro-Tec Design Solution

Sadly, no school is safe from threats. So, one local district took action to make a more secure learning environment while preserving the open, inviting culture its students and parents were accustomed to.

Case Study The Challenge

The biggest challenge the district faced with its 27 schools (a mix of high school, intermediate, and elementary) was how to effectively lock and monitor all of the exterior entrances of the buildings while still allowing the thousands of students and faculty to enter and exit in mass numbers without obstacle. It was also essential to keep the same inviting culture and avoid turning its schools into 24/7 lockdown environments. These factors were used to custom design a system that fit into a limited, referendum-driven budget.


Through a series of stakeholder and manufacturer meetings, Pro-Tec was able to find a combination of solution providers including Lenel, Aiphone, and IVS that could integrate and provide the user experience for teachers, parents, and other visitors that the district was after. We worked with all stakeholders involved to develop a process around using the technology as well, which included initial and ongoing training and long-term considerations such as support and maintenance that the system would need.

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