Improving a Minnesota City A Pro-Tec Design Solution

Case Study The Challenge

During our initial review of the city’s needs, we understood that every department in the city had many overlapping requirements for its video surveillance system, but at the same time, desired functionality that was unique to its specific needs. The city needed a platform that had the potential to integrate with other systems the city currently used and many that it was evaluating as potential future options. While the initial acquisition cost of the system was a significant consideration, a platform that weighed feature enhancement with the ongoing cost was important as well.


We ultimately determined a system with an open-architecture platform was the best long-term solution. The solution not only met all of the different departmental needs but also integrated with the many different software platforms used throughout the city, such as gunshot detection software. The Milestone Corporate software platform was chosen because of its robust capabilities, breadth of integration possibilities, and ability to federate to other Milestone Corporate systems operated by agencies with cooperative interests in mind.

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Case Stats


Departments with varying needs


Surveillance cameras across the city


Unified video surveillance platform
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