Securing Your Technology

From data centers to software developers, Pro-Tec Design has consulted and designed systems to secure your most important technology!

Securing Your Technology

Whether you need to secure an entire software development facility, data center, or modify one for co-location accessibility, Pro-Tec Design has a proven track record for designing, installing, and supporting technology environments. We offer customizable and comprehensive solutions that can include any of the security technologies listed below!

  • Data Centers
  • Software Development Facilities
  • Co-Location Environments
  • Data Rack Controls
  • Visitor Management
  • Biometric Controller Access

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Control Access to Your Data Racks

Have you ever needed an audit of who went into specific data racks? We can help extend your access control system into any data rack and secure access to your critical information.

Enhance Your Security with Dual Authentication

You can add a second form of authentication to any access control point. Adding a keypad card reader, fingerprint biometric, or retina scan is an effective way to increase the security for your most critical areas.

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