Are you a healthcare professional? The compliance and security requirements in healthcare have never been more intense. Yet the need to control costs has never been more important. Pro-Tec Design understands the hospital security and surveillance systems that your Minnesota industry requires to ensure its staff and patients are kept safe.

Understanding Your Environment

The healthcare landscape is changing. Mergers and acquisitions are happening at an increasing rate and forcing organizations to develop security and safety standards to ensure continuity across the organization. These standards could surround numerous applications.

  • Drug Diversion
  • Infant Protection
  • ER Security
  • Senior Living
  • Patient Tracking
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Did You Know?

You Can Control Access to Your Medical Tubes?

With simple magnetic locks and a card reader, you can extend your access control system to medical tube delivery stations to ensure that drug diversion is under control.

Senior Living Safety Can Be Affordable

You don’t have to use a stand-alone system to monitor tenant rooms. Using an integrated wireless lock, you can leverage your existing access control system at nearly half the cost of a traditional wired card reader solution.

Pro-Tec Difference

We are curious. We are constantly investigating new ways to solve today’s security challenges. We are discovering new technologies and finding opportunities to use old technology in new ways.

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