State Agencies

State Department & Board Security and Safety

Pro-Tec currently serves many of the state agencies, boards, and commissions within Minnesota. We understand that not every agency is the same or views security the same way. We have helped Minnesota agencies in many ways including:

  • Providing safety for staff
  • Securing access to facilities that provide service for the public
  • Enhancing safety for Minnesota transit and roadways
  • Improving and allowing easier access to busy facilities such as work yards, storage facilities, and parking structures

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How We Help

State Contract Procurement

Did you know that you can utilize MN State Contract S-813(5) for purchasing your physical security solutions? Pro-Tec has been providing consistent and competitive pricing under that contract for over 10 years!

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Compliance With Security Standards

With increasing stress and importance placed on Homeland Security and protecting the nation’s infrastructure, more and more regulations have been created to ensure we are doing all we can to prevent future incidents. We can not only help you with compliance toward FIPS 201 and other directives but also help identify areas of vulnerability so you can stay ahead of Federal mandates.

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Brands We Work With

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