City Security and Surveillance

Many cities have the unique challenge of having numerous departments with different sets of needs and also lack a specific person whose job is to focus on security and safety. Pro-Tec has a successful history of assisting cities in gathering the needs from all stakeholders and finding a solution that both centralizes the management of hardware and meets the specific needs of all system users. See below for just some of the benefits our services offer.

  • Centralized System Architecture and Management
  • Integrated Systems
  • Comprehensive City Surveillance
  • Collaborative Opportunities with Peer Agencies

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How We Help

Detention Center Security

One of the most critical areas of any city is its Detention Center. It can be a complicated area to secure. Starting with the sally port and moving through booking, intake, holding, evidence storage, and release, we can provide a system that monitors the chain of custody and gives valuable information to all involved.

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Interview Room Systems

Pro-Tec Design has designed and installed many interview room applications. These systems present a unique challenge because of the number of people using them and that the video recordings need to be reliable and clear. Once we understand the process your city uses, we can design a customized solution that fits your needs.

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Securing Your Water

Cities have a unique responsibility to maintain a clean, safe water supply for their citizens. This becomes a bigger challenge when access to those facilities has to accommodate delivery drivers and utility companies. Using video surveillance, intercom communications, and access control, we can design a system that tracks and monitors access to these critical areas.

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