Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure

Do you work for an organization that is part of our nation’s critical infrastructure: ports, utilities, and telecommunication? Threats from domestic and foreign terrorism and the need for security of our nation’s critical assets have never been higher. Pro-Tec Design has developed custom critical infrastructure security solutions for Minnesota to solve these unique security challenges.

From Airports to Energy

Pro-Tec Design has been serving some of Minnesota’s highest security risk organizations since the 1990s. Working in these environments can be a challenge due to security restrictions, security clearances, and difficult or abnormal work conditions. We have been trusted by some of the most well-known airports, energy providers, and data centers in the Minneapolis area. Contact us to see how we can help!

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Did You Know?

Biometric Controls Made Easy

Access control utilizing biometric controls, such as fingerprints, is an easy and inexpensive way to greatly increase the security for your critical infrastructure environment.

Add Analytics to Your Cameras

Once perceived as expensive and unreliable, camera analytics were thought by many to be unhelpful. With properly placed cameras, analytic software can provide reliable cross line detection, detect areas of movement, and track missing objects.

Pro-Tec Difference

We act with integrity. No matter how challenging your environment is to work in or how stringent the security clearances your organization demands, we can comply with your organization’s requirements!

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