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The Tangible and Intangible

It is no surprise that we live in the age of information. Protecting information is just as critical as protecting the places you keep that information and the facilities you create it in. We can help you audit and assess your operations, determine your risks, and provide a system with a solid foundation for protecting your most important assets. During this process, we will review:

  • Current Policies and Practices
  • Current System Design
  • Access to Facilities
  • Access to Information
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Configurable Levels of Security

With any access control system, you should create levels or layers of security. As we increase the level of security, we can also increase the complexity needed to gain access. Whether you are interested in basic access control with proximity-based card readers and keypads or a more advanced system with fingerprint or hand geometry biometrics, we can design a solution for you!


Keep an Eye on What Is Happening

Any IP video surveillance system can provide you with high definition video and extend as far as your network will allow. The systems we offer today are more mobile-enabled than ever before and even allow you to turn your phone into a camera on the system.


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