Cloud Based Access Control Podcast

July 10, 2018

Jill Bartyzal one of our business relationship managers had an educational podcast with Chris Peterson at  Vector Firm to talk about security trends with the Cloud. She focuses on how Feenics is the headliner for a cloud based card access system with mobile applications and custom solutions. 


Today I’ll be talking about a current security trend, Access Control in the Cloud. More and more companies are moving their systems and data to the Cloud so this is the perfect time think about moving your Card Readers to the Cloud with Feenics Keep. Open platform controllers, Open architecture SDK to build it yourself, Open Integrations… future-proof and protect your investment with elegant, modern technology. Pro-Tec Design is ready to demo Feenics anytime, anywhere– with Cloud it’s easy!   #design #protection #integration #accesscontrol #cloudsecurity

Click the link below to listen!