Enhancing Surveillance with POS Integration

Enhancing Surveillance with POS Integration

One municipal-owned liquor store enhances its system by integrating point-of-sale data.

The Challenge

When you operate a liquor store in one of Minneapolis’s busiest cities, there is a need to have a well-designed surveillance solution. Investigating any volume of incidents requires time and attention to detail. The more information you have, the more quickly you can solve the problem. One local city was investigating over 500 incidents a year and losing tens of thousands of dollars in revenue as a result. They needed a way to evaluate these incidents more quickly.


Through the use of Milestone Systems Transact software, we were able to tie the data from multiple POS systems together and bring it into the video management system for analysis. We tied together the transactional data with video surveillance footage to provide a real-time accounting of every transaction that occurred in the store. In addition, the system was able to search video surveillance data based on types of alcohol purchased, payment method used, or transaction amount. Overall, this integration saved the liquor store hundreds of labor hours each year and thousands of dollars in lost revenue because of the decreased time it took to investigate incidents.

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 Surveillance incidents investigated each year


 Saved in lost revenue


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